Snowe Home


I was the in-house image specialist for Snowe Home, a home essentials brand. I retouched everything for them from e-commerce to campaign imagery. The images ranged in difficulty from compositing to simple spot retouching to advanced color correction. My experience here ranged quite a bit with difficulty. I developed useful techniques while maintaining high quality standards and produced images for omni-channel use. 


Athena Club


Retouched campaign level imagery for startup shaving brand Athena Club. This project involved heavy compositing and color correction. 


Origins Skincare

Retouched images for national campaigns and retail display for skincare brand Origins. This project involved heavy compositing and color correction.


Onia Swimwear



Retouched Onia Swimwear campaign and      e-commerce images. They required very light retouching just to make the images look more polished but to maintain a natural look. 




I have retouched portraits of all kinds and I am an expert at retouching skin while maintaining texture.

Rebecca Minkoff



I retouched a digital editorial campaign of handbags for fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. 




Retouched the launch campaign of innovative furniture rental company Feather. This project involved many different techniques including compositing, liquifying, and color correction. 

Riley Home

I was the main retoucher for Riley Home, retouching mostly campaign and editorial content.