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So the Adventure Begins...

Hey Guys!

Thanks for checking out my new site! For those of you who know, my previous site exclusively displayed my fashion portfolio, but as I am expanding my business and experience here in NYC, I wanted to share more of my work and projects with you all. But most of all, I'm very very excited to announce my latest project!

As someone who loves to travel and in an effort to be more socially consious I've decided to publish a photography book! The adventure begins this up-coming Sunday! I will be abroad in Spain, France, and Portugal over the month of March and I will be documenting the experience here with pictures, video, and writing. My idea is to feature individuals who are living in a sustainable lifestyle, and conciously making an effort to preserve this beautiful planet we all share. I believe that through showcasing the wonders of the world visually, it may inspire people to make more of an effort to protect them. This could the start of an exciting life-long project, and I cannot wait to get started and share it with you all!

Keep coming back here to see updates on the whole experience. I will be featuring individuals I meet, as well as sharing photos and personal stories. I hope this experience will inspire some of you to adopt more sustainable practices in your day-to-day life, as well as inspire a bit of wanderlust of your own.

Thanks again for reading. Check back in with you all very soon.



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