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Spain in Spring

"The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain." These famous musical lyrics are actually, come to find out, not true at all. One of my best friends from back in the day in Colorado is an Auxiliar who lives in Madrid. Her days are spent teaching small Spanish children English. One day on a bus back to Madrid from Barcelona, she mentioned to me that actually, the rain in Spain falls mainly on the Northern coast, as she had been teaching her kids about the different climates in the regions of the country. But I suppose that singing the facts wouldn't be so useful for poor Cockney girls trying to speak proper English like little ol' Eliza Doolittle.

During my travels, I luckily managed to avoid the rain and instead found lovely spring weather for most of the month. It was the first time in a quite a while that I had been greeted by almost daily sunlight and warmth. I have to say I missed the sun terribly. Living in New York in winter can get pretty dull and drab so it was especially lovely to experience the changing of the seasons. Even though some might call it "basic," I managed to snag lots of images of foliage. Regardless of your thoughts, and despite the lack of any artistic or meaningful teeth, I thought I'd share some of these images because who doesn't like pretty flowers? And because why not? So take a look, enjoy, and gain inspiration for your next Facebook cover photo. And remember to always stop and smell the flowers.



Barcelona, Parc Guell
Flowers in front of the Crystal Palace in el Parque Del Retiro in Madrid, Spain


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