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Sustainable Kid's Fashion, Made Right Here in NYC. Introducing Pridd Kids!

Photographing children is always a challenge, but what fun these little cuties were! Pridd NYC is a kid's clothing line with sustainability in mind, made right here in NYC. They wanted images that were quintessential New York, but were definitely bound by the models's schedules, (and their attention spans). So it occurred to me, what is more quintessential New York than the epic skyline?! Thus we traipsed around DUMBO for a few hours to get some lifestyle photos for the brand as they launched their site earlier this month. I had such a good time creating these images for a very cool local brand. The key to photographing kids is to just trick them into doing what you want, so thank you to whoever invented Simon Says! (Simon, where you at?!) If you're looking for some cool duds for the little ones in your life, check out Pridd NYC. Also just take a look at these faces! Cant get enough of this cuteness!

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