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Menu Images for Samui Brooklyn | Ashley Adele Photography

I love people trying to do their own unique thing. When I was approached by a new Thai Restaurant opening in Clinton Hill for some menu shots, I was thrilled to work with them. My first thought after seeing the place was, "wow, this is something I've never seen before!" From the chic club-like interior to the amazing food, all inspired by the tropical, colorful, and funky island of Samui, Thailand. I had a lot of fun creating images that matched the whole look and feel of the restaurant.

I'm happy to announce that they are open as of Wednesday, so if you are in the area, or if you're looking for your new favorite Thai spot, stop by to check it out and enjoy!

(food styling: Dahlia Galler, website by: Karen Sokolow)

Also take a peek at a review and more info on DNA review.

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