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Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

It has certainly been a wild ride. Now, I'm not one for resolutions or this whole, "New Year, New Me," business, but after what you've put me through, I'm starting to see the appeal.

You started off with emergency abdominal surgery, so if that was any indication of how things would go this year, then I guess I wasn't prepared. You reminded me through that this experience that I would be nowhere without my family, and I need to nourish the relationships I have with them.

You sent me on one of the greatest adventures of my life, which was simultaneously one of the most challenging and transformative things I have ever had to go through. If it weren't for my family and closest friends, I probably wouldn't have survived it. But through the challenges and joy, I came back with a broader appreciation of the world and the cultures within it, a renewed sense of purpose and new goals within my professional career, a cherished set of memories, and a new body of work.

You put me through a lot of financial strain, but also taught me how to be a more well-rounded and responsible business owner. Thank you again because all of the doors that were closed in my professional realm, you opened just as many doors to even more promising partnerships and opportunities. From working with international beauty brand Clinique, to Brooklyn Hot-spot Samui, to one of the top dental practices in NYC, to Up and coming NYC bloggers, my client list has expanded ever-greater.

Also, You brought some pretty remarkable people into (and out of) my life, which I have to truly thank you for. I made it through this year because of the amount of support I've received from the people around me. You have also strengthened most of the relationships I have with the people that matter, and allowed me to let go of the people who don't. Overall, the amount of love you have provided me with this year will sustain me for many more years to come.

I feel we all, here on earth, are on the cusp of something big. There are a lot of things in the air, but thanks again 2016 for grounding me so I can start tackling the things unknown with the proper foundation and mental clarity needed to navigate these uncertain times. Past, present, and future are all one as we move forward and continue to build an outstanding life for ourselves.

All the best and forever more,


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